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You can choose from those Czech and world's beers in our restaurant:

Staropramen 10° and 12°
Traditional czech beer brewed since 1869, made in Smíchov brewery. In 2002, Staropramen has recived three awards for best beer of the year.
Staropramen Dark
Dark beer with delicious taste. Staropramen dark is characterized by melting and sweet caramel flavour with creamy bitterness.
Staropramen Granát
Mixing two special barley malts makes this beer unique among beers. This special model of brewing called "gritting" has been used from 1884. This gives the beer its typical red color, gently bitter taste and caramel smell.
Velvet 10°
is bottom-fermented beer with 5,3 alcohol content and strong visual and taste character, inspired by traditional English recipe.
Magic dark beer typical with thick beer foam, strong bitter taste and unforgettable dry echo of roasted barley. Inspired by legendary Celtic recipe.
has a unique and extremely complex brewing process whereby the brand is first top fermented and then is refermented within the bottle.
is very famous British strong, dry cider.When served chilled, Strongbow delivers a full bodied, refreshing taste.

is admired by discerning consumers for its uniqueness in the beer category, its uncompromising quality and highly esteemed positioning.
Typical Irishe stout with two houndred years old recipe, known for its bitter cream taste. Served chilled at 5-7° C.
Stella Artois
This very well known Belgian beer is recognized by consumers for its exceptionality in its category. It is generally considered like a beer with excellent taste.